Using Recycled Plastic for Injection Molding

Every stakeholder in the manufacturing industry has a responsibility to protect the environment. This responsibility is higher when you are in a production sector that uses non-biodegradable products. Therefore, the thought of managing waste should always be a priority for production managers.
In the injection molding industry, we are fortunate to find ways to reduce environmental pollution. The best alternative is to find sustainable ways to reuse the waste products generated from manufacturing processes.
Thankfully, the results are outstanding. You won’t know the difference when plastic products are made from recycled plastic. The injection molding process completely absorbs the recycled plastic and converts it into a brand new product. It is ready for the market. Many of these products are labeled accordingly, to show the world that it is possible to incorporate sustainable manufacturing methods in our industry.

Is it difficult to use recycled plastic for injection molding?

Yes, there are challenges encountered during this process. However, it is always a learning process for engineers who are willing to find new and better solutions. Overall, recycled plastic injection molding has come to stay. We will only make the process better, and enjoy more advantages in the industry.

Managing scrap from plastic production

Over the years, many companies have struggled with scrap generated from the production process. Now, there is no need to worry about disposing of this scrap. All that needs to be done is to incorporate recycling processes to make the methods sustainable. We are happy to be among the active companies that support the use of sustainable plastic products for injection molding.
Working together with many other companies in the industry we hope to achieve a sustainable change. In the process, eliminate scrap and other components that can have a negative impact on the environment.
The nature of the manufacturing processes in plastic-making factories increases the volume of scrap generated. Within a short time, so much can happen, products formed and scrap piling up in one part of the factory. The scrap sizes are small, but that does not reduce the menace it causes.
We find scraps of formed plastic from parts of the machine such as the gates, ejector pins, various channels, and the cavity. The good news is that scraps gathered from one particular production session can be reused to form more products. And the products formed will have similar features.

Resuing scrap from injection molding

recycled plastic injection molding

The scrap is gathered and sorted by a member of the engineering production team. After that is done, the scrap is melted and sent into the mold again in its molten form. This time, it can be used to form any new plastic product, which will retain the strength and quality level the company brand is known for.
The process of using recycled plastic is basically the same. The ejector pins eject the system from the mold when it is ready. Also, products with undercuts are also made through this process.

What is done to maintain the quality?

Plenty. Our engineers are trained to focus on quality control whenever we need to work with recycled materials. That means we go the extra mile to ensure the product is world-class standard.
To implement quality assurance, we maintain stringent manufacturing methods. The production engineers pay particular attention to the different components in the injection molding machine and their functions. This way, we can be sure that the final output is the best there is in the market.
It is not a stressful process. We use similar procedures just like we do with the other raw materials. But in this case, we focus on enhancing the overall quality of the final product.
Maintaining quality is important to us. Therefore, our production team test the plastic products made from recycled materials. We do these tests to ensure that the plastic products made from scraps can be sold alongside the other products, and no one will know the difference. So far it has been an amazing experience and we are happy to be a part of the dream to make the world a better place for everyone to live.

Handling negative perceptions about plastic

Over the years, so many people have started regarding plastic as a horrible product. There are campaigns about it, but we have all forgotten how it is used in almost every product in the world. We see plastic parts in a wide range of products from toys to electronics and even cars. It is highly durable and not prone to wear and tear.
On our part, we have shown a deep commitment to ensuring that our industrial activities lower the menace of plastics in the world. And we are experiencing tremendous success in this regard. Many other companies in our industry or similar sectors have adopted better-operating methods. The goal is to use plastic products and encourage the consumers to work with us towards achieving sustainable goals.
For example, consumers can take advantage of their local recycling agencies to drop used plastic containers. On our part, we will receive and repurpose these products.
Above all, we hope to create different platforms to show the world how recycled plastic injection molding methods are helping in the area of repurposing plastic scraps. With the evidence out there, we believe more people will find ways to participate in the already existing recycling programs in different parts of the world.
There are targets, especially after the COPA 2021, more people have become aware that we should collectively adopt sustainability drives as a corporate goal.
For us, the good part is that there is no need to redesign our injection molding machines to use recycled plastic scraps. The cost to make new products from these scraps is significantly low. However, we also hope the public will buy plastic products that have been labeled as made from recycled plastic.
Also, we have a lot to gain from recycling plastic. For us, it is a cheaper option and we can still earn income from the sales. So, it is a mutually beneficial situation for everyone involved.

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