As a professional mold manufacturer, we know exactly how the design affects the up coming construction work of the molds and the molding during production. The smart design would highly reduce the time and cost of mold construction and make molding easier and more efficient. MOLDIE is not just a professional mold manufacturer but also a very smart designer. We help our customers with the design and optimization of parts and molds.

Process of Mold Design

· Product Analysis :

Once we receive the part 2D/3D drawings from our customers, our engineers will analyze the structure of the parts to have an initial idea of the mold structure. This is usually done with the DFM.

· DFM and Moldflow Analysis :

Before mold design, we do detailed DFM and Moldflow Analysis to define the parting line, sliders, lifters, ejectors, draft angles, injection gates, runners, and other information related to the mold design. We discussed with our customers in this phase to check if the part needed any optimization for feasibility and to reach an agreement on how the mold will be designed.

· Mold design :

After the DFM is confirmed, we start the mold design according to the DFM and the customer’s mold specification. Generally, it takes one to two workdays to finish the mold design, and the mold design needs to be approved by our customer mold construction work.

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