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Mold Design and Technology

The engineers at Moldie have extensive design experience and comprehensive development knowledge. Our engineers follow the principle of “design is key for molds” and place great importance on the mold creation process. We use elaborate designs to create durable molds that require little maintenance.

To get started, customers simply need to provide 2D or 3D renderings, drawings, or sample parts in formats like DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, etc. Moldie will scan any provided samples and generate a product blueprint. Once the customer reviews and approves the blueprint, we can begin mold assembly and drawing design based on the customer’s existing project.

For mold design and die-casting, Moldie utilizes advanced international computer systems including CAD/CAM/CAE. This allows us to integrate the customer’s specifications seamlessly throughout the mold design and manufacturing process.


Mold Production Process

Quality Management

Testing equipment is an indispensable means of guaranteeing the mold manufacturing process. A high-quality quality management team with precise testing equipment is the guarantee for creating high-quality molds. The quality inspection department is equipped with two high-precision three-coordinate and 3D scanners. We promise to issue a full-size report within three days after the product trial, and a 3D scan report within two days.

quality management

Mold Flow Analysis

Moldie Engineering Center consists of more than 30 engineering and technical personnel. lts also the technical center certified by Zhejiang Province.
The technical center possesses the most professional personnel for plastic injection, non-ferrous, ferrous engineering, mold structure design with software UG.PRO/E、 CIMATRON、LK/DIMS5.5、METRIS SCCAN4.2 in order to engineering, design simulation, machining, inspection to support and guarantee the quality and function the tooling we constructed.
fill time-contour

Fill Time-Contour

pressure at v/p switchover

Pressure At V/P Switchover

sink marks estimate

Sink Marks Estimate

temperature at the flow front

Temperature At The Flow Front

volumetric shrinkage

Volumetric Shrinkage

weld lines

Weld  Lines

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