Aluminium Extrusion

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    Aluminium Extrusion Products

    Aluminium extrusion is a process that transforms aluminium alloy into objects with a defined cross-sectional profile for a wide variety of uses. Our company offers a broad range of custom aluminium extrusions made to client specifications using high quality aluminium alloys.


    Aluminium extrusions are widely used in industrial and commercial applications due to their strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and lightweight properties. Common applications include:

    • Frames and structures for windows, doors, railings, greenhouses, etc.
    • Automotive parts like bumpers, chassis, heat sinks.
    • Aerospace and marine components.
    • Mechanical parts like machine bodies, valves, actuators.
    • Furniture and kitchen appliances.

    Aluminium Alloys

    We extrude a variety of aluminium alloys including:

    • 6061 – General purpose alloy with good corrosion resistance.
    • 6063 – Architectural alloy with excellent finishing qualities.
    • 7075 – High strength alloy used for highly stressed parts.
    • 2024 – High strength alloy used for aircraft structures.

    Manufacturing Process

    Our manufacturing process starts with heating aluminium alloy billets to make them malleable for extrusion. The heated billets are then loaded into extrusion presses where hydraulic rams push the material through a precision opening die to create the desired profile shape.The extruded profiles are then stretched, quenched, and aged to achieve maximum strength. We conduct quality checks throughout the process to ensure dimensional accuracy and material integrity.

    Quality Control

    We have ISO 9001 certification and follow strict quality control procedures:

    • Raw material certification and supplier audits.
    • Process monitoring and statistical control.
    • Dimensional inspection and testing of mechanical properties.
    • Visual examination for surface defects.

    This enables us to deliver high quality, consistent extrusions that meet your requirements. Get in touch with our engineering team to discuss your custom aluminium extrusion needs.

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