All About the Injection Molding Valve Gate

The injection molding machine performs its functions properly because it features many components. These components all play significant roles in the functions and making of plastic products. One of the essential components in the injection molding machine is the injection molding valve gate.
The valve gate is best described, as the name implies. The gate shuts down, keeping the molten plastic inside the mold until the product is formed. The valve gate has a simple yet essential function. And it also brings many benefits to the entire injection molding process.

Why do we need an injection molding valve gate?

Let us discuss why this feature has been added to the entire injection molding setup. After reading this part, you will understand why it is such a big deal.
The first and most important advantage of this feature is that it helps to save your resources. The securely locked valve gate prevents dripping; therefore, no molten plastic is lost from the mold.
Also, the gate enhances the quality of the final plastic product you have made in the mold. The product’s shape is perfect, and everything else about it. Therefore, you can be assured your customers will be impressed with the product.
In addition, plastic products made when the valve gate is securely locked are more durable. You can use them for a long time. Or, during sales, you can confidently inform your buyers that they will get maximum value from using the product.

How to choose the best injection molding valve gate

The process of choosing a valve gate is easy if you know the things to look out for. First, you should know the position of the gate in the injection molding machine. This will help you identify the most suitable valve gate for your machine. Also, you should choose a gate that is adequate for your expected production capacity.
That is to say, your gate should be able to keep the molten plastic securely inside the mold. In addition, find a valve gate that is most suitable for your nozzle. It must be a perfect match for you to have excellent results.

Types of Injection Molding Valve Gate

You can use the guidelines for choosing a valve gate above to know which options are best for your machine. The gates we have reviewed in the following part of the article are readily available online. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Edge gate

The edge gates are a good option because they have a simple design. This means you can easily use these gates to contain molten plastic when necessary. This gate is also ideal for channeling the molten plastic into the cavity. It helps to promote the flow to the right areas. Therefore, you are sure that your plastic product will have an even thickness in its walls.
Also, this is the gate you can rely on the hold the mold’s content for a long time if necessary.

The fan gate

The width of this gate is wider than usual. This is a good feature that allows the molten plastic to flow through the channel smoothly. And when the cavity is full, you can securely lock this gate to keep everything inside.

Tab gate

This gate is often mistaken for the edge gate because they have similar features. It is known to lower the chances of experiencing shear stress. Also, you can trust the functions of this gate to increase your chances of getting walls with even thickness.

Tunnel gate

When using the tunnel gate, you should set up the system to automatically trim the gate. It is also excellent for projects that involve making smaller plastic parts. However, you need production experience to avoid issues such as shear stress or cracking. Because this is a smaller-sized gate, you may also experience issues when filling the mold.

Cashew Gate

The cashew gate is another small-sized gate that makes it perfect for molding small plastic parts. The gate can be opened during ejection. However, you must avoid ruining the plastic product. Also, this gate design is compatible with inserts, which makes it easy to eject the plastic product.

Diaphragm Gate

This gate is the best choice for parts with a significantly larger diameter. Therefore, the gate is perfect for larger molds. You can fill the mold with the molten plastic volume needed to make your plastic product. It also helps to improve the flow of molten plastic into the mold. So, if that is a problem you usually encounter, you should consider fixing this gate on your injection molding machine.

Hot Runner Gate

The thermal gate is another excellent option because you don’t have to worry about a hot runner channel that breaks while connecting the gate. The gate holds securely while keeping the molten plastic inside the mold.
When you open the gate, eventually, the front part becomes detached from the runner’s tip. It is best to use this gate with the hot runner channel because it helps to improve the flow of molten plastic by maintaining a high temperature.

Valve Gate

Injection Molding Valve Gate

This valve gate is excellent because it allows you to control the runner system. The goal here is to ensure that the molten plastic flows easily into the cavity. And when the mold is full, it shuts to stop the flow of plastic. The design is functional, and it has many advantages. This gate stands out because of its pin that moves inside the tip.
Overall, you can get the best experience with a gate built to match the mold. Therefore, you should buy those models that come with molds. Or, if you are ordering a valve gate, please go for brands that make both products.
This way, you have assurance that the gate you choose will work perfectly with the injection molding machine you plan to use. Also, please feel free to use the tips in this article to find the best valve gate for your plastic production project.


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