Stack Molding: Everything You Should Know

There is a high demand for plastic products, and sometimes it can be challenging to meet demand. That’s why you should consider some of the innovative production methods, such as stack molding.
You may have heard that many production engineers now prefer stack molding for making multiple identical plastic products. This is one of the significant advantages.
Therefore we can define stack molding as the process of using two identical molds stacked on each other to produce similar plastic products.
Again, we need to point out that the stack molding process consistently yields high-quality results if you use a good mold.
In the marketplace, you will find so many types of molds. New users can find it challenging to identify the best molds for stack molding. This is where we come in. Our experts can guide you to select the most suitable mold for stacking molten plastic during production.

Who can do stack molding?

stack molding

It is a complex process that is best handled by experienced production engineers. You should hire experts who understand the process and how to avoid common issues that may be encountered during stack molding.

Stack molding applications

To give you a better idea about the stack molding process, we have outlined some of the essential ways the plastic production process is used to manufacture excellent products.

Injection molding

Since it was introduced, injection molding has become the best option for producing plastic products with outstanding accuracy. Also, the outcome is of high quality and consistency. Stack molding is one of the manufacturing methods that has enhanced the injection molding process.

Making medical tools

Stack molding is used to make a wide range of medical tools. It is preferred because the plastic products have an adequate wall thickness needed in the medical field.

Consumer plastics

Stack molding is also used to make plastics for packaging foods and drinks.

Caps and closures

The high demand for caps and closures makes stack molding the best production method. It can be used to make these products with varying wall thicknesses.
Since the results are consistently excellent, many factories now use stack molding during manufacturing.

Making high-quality products

You can depend on stack molding to achieve some of the best results in the plastic making.
How it is done
First, let’s discuss the process of making a stack mold.
To design a regular stacking mold, the cold runner system is your best option. The setup features the use of upper and lower cavities. Both cavities are filled by using a sprue. However, it is best to fill the upper cavities first before the lower part. This is done for stack molds to allow extra bits from the top to hold their positions before the lower cavities are filled. Therefore when the molds have been formed, it is easy to separate the lower cavities from the upper part of the setup.
Also, the air ejector system is mainly used for the production of stack molds. It is the preferred choice because the air ejectors expel the molds without a fuss.
Please note that you can also use the hot runner system to make stack molds. However, your final choice depends on the number of impressions in the machine.
You must ensure that only the highest quality of alloys is used to produce your stack molds for the best results. This is what we do.
Our manufacturing processes use only the best alloys to make stack molds. We never compromise on quality because we want to ensure you do not waste your resources while using stack molding to produce plastic products.

The stack molding process

We have also identified reasons you should consider using the stack molding method for your plastic production process. They include the following;
High yield
With stack molding, you can double or even triple the number of plastic products you get from your factory. Stack molds are built to last long, so you are assured of making significant profits through the process for many years to come.
Mass production of high-quality products
You can produce different plastic products to meet demand. The number of cavities in the stack mold makes this possible. That is why stack molding is becoming popular.
Lower production costs
Since you will increase your production figure with stack molding, you get much more output without spending more money. In addition to helping you save costs, you will also avoid compromising quality if the stack molding process is done well.
Perfect for molding parts for mating
If your goal is to fuse plastic parts using a thread, the stacking method is an excellent choice. It is compatible with many designs on plastic products. So if you’re a product engineer who would like to achieve more with fewer runs, start using stack molding methods.
Also, we should add that you will not need to increase the cooling time with this method. When you make plastics using stack molds, all the plastic products poured into the different cavities will dry and form simultaneously. This is an excellent feature because it helps you avoid exhausting more energy which can increase your bills.

Are there any risks?

Well, regarding risks, you can avoid them. Making one mistake during the stack molding process can ruin dozens of products. That is why you must do everything possible to avoid mistakes.
Knowing how to troubleshoot the system before you proceed to start stack molding.
In conclusion, we advise that you continue exploring ways to improve your plastic production methods using this method. It is guaranteed to help you earn more money from your business. For more inquiries, please contact us.

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