Construction of a Standardized System for Injection Molds

The standardized construction of injection molds can promote the improvement of enterprise product quality, production efficiency and production management. The standardization of injection molds mainly includes the standardization of injection mold design, production and management. The three aspects together constitute the injection mold standardization system.

(1) Standardization of injection mold size.

In the process of constructing the standardized system of injection molds, it is necessary to use computer programming, Internet information technology, including CAD modeling, CAM computer numerical control programming technology, to design different types and different forms of injection molds to complete a variety of mold frames, Standardize the size and store the corresponding injection design data in the database.

(2) Standardized design of injection mold molding and accessories.

For the injection molds in the database, there are two aspects: injection mold structure and injection mold production process. In the production process of specific plastic products and plastic products, the injection mold data in the database is usually selected and called according to the corresponding production and design needs, and the structure that does not meet the requirements is modified. After that, standard parts are produced by different parts factories, and designers need to adjust mold parameters in key links to ensure the design and production of multiple injection molds.

(3) Retrieval of injection mold parts.

In the standardized production of injection molds, corresponding database retrieval schemes are also used, including retrieval of production processes and tooling parts.
For those typical parts with fixed parameters, they can be retrieved and used by entering the part code; for those parts and production processes that have major changes in the production process, a certain production link parameter value must be modified and used To retrieve the data.

Construction of a Standardized System for Injection Molds

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