Automated Design of Injection Mold

1. Evaluation and quotation of injection mold products Evaluation and quotation are a comprehensive calculation of the production cost of injection mold products. Only by doing the evaluation and quotation of all production links can the company have an objective revenue and profit. Usually, most companies will construct an injection mold quotation system based on the difficulty of injection mold production, and make a reasonable quotation for the production of a certain plastic or plastic product.

2. Build the product model of the injection mold The current three-dimensional structure of the injection mold is usually built using software such as CAD, CAM or CAE, or the svl format converter existing in the network is used. In the process of CNC machining of injection molds, the computer will program the created 3D model of the mold, including module detection and control, part coding, database management, etc. Enterprises need to code the model and structural design of different injection molds according to complete data parameter information, and improve the design quality and production efficiency of injection molds through the exchange of different module data.

3. Automatic processing and production of mold products. Mold processing and production mainly include the production of cores, mold bases and accessories. The mold core includes movable molds, fixed molds, inserts, sliders and inclined tops, and mold accessories Including shooting tips, flat tips, positioning posts, plastic mold guide sleeves, straight sleeves and square auxiliary devices. At present, in the process of automatic processing and production of injection mold products, Pro/ENGINEER three-dimensional software, UG mold design software, or the secondary development of other plug-in software are mainly used to complete the automatic production of all mold structures and parts.

Automated design of injection mold

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