The Significance of Standardization Development of Injection Mold

The standardization of injection molds refers to the standardization of mold design, mold production and management, which is of great significance in the production of injection mold products.

The standardized design of injection molds mainly has the following development significance:

1.Reduce the use of various fixtures and tooling parts in product production.

In the product production process, the production personnel of the enterprise can select the appropriate mold production process and mold parts for the scientific organization of plastic products and plastic product production according to the standardized specifications of injection molds, and minimize the use of fixtures and tooling parts as much as possible. Ensure that all production processes are carried out in an orderly manner.

2.Clarify the production tasks of different workers.

The standardization of injection mold design, production and management will assign corresponding tasks to different staff, and make reasonable coordination and management of the entire production process to achieve the scientific configuration of production content and personnel.

3.Promote the reform and reuse of production technology.

The standardized construction of injection molds is to develop different workflows for different production projects. These standardized processing technologies can not only guide the current product production, but also provide references for the production of other products and promote the reuse of processing technologies.


The Significance of Standardization Development of Injection Mold


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