Which Products are made by Precision Injection Molding?

Have you been wondering about the products made by precision injection? We have found a long list for you. The precision injection has gained popularity in the plastics manufacturing industry. It is only normal for the public to become more curious about the process.
The precision injection is an advanced molding method used to produce different products. We know that it is an autonomous process that hardly goes wrong. Moreover, the idea behind precision injection is to maintain a high level of accuracy. And that is how the factory consistently delivers top-rated products. The automated process reduces the chances of error, and it helps you save money compared to other molding methods.

Why it is possible to use precision injection to make different products

We discovered that precision injection is the top choice for manufacturing different products. Therefore, we became curious to know why the capacity of this molding method is so extensive. Here is what we found out;
The precision injection is one of the most versatile molding methods for plastics, currently available in the manufacturing sector. Additionally, the molding method can be customized to create and produce unique plastic products that meet consumers’ needs.
Another reason why the plastic molding method has become very popular is because it is the best option for making different plastic parts. That is to say, you can use precision injection machines to create plastic replacement parts for other machines. These parts usually replace the metal parts, which may have become ruined over time.
There you have it. That is why so many manufacturers have made the switch to start using precision injection methods in their factories. In other words, you can earn a higher revenue if you have precision injection machines in your company. Because many clients with diverse needs are available to buy your products or hire the services you are selling.

What is needed to make plastic products with precision injection machines?

The concept of precision molding is achieved with different instruments which have complementary functions. These components include the precision injection machine, several molds, polymer materials, tools to measure thickness, width, plastic quality, temperature, environmental conditions, etc.
Regarding the environmental conditions, it is necessary to ensure the humidity level in the factory is adequate for molding plastics. If the environment is too humid, hydrolysis can occur, which can potentially ruin the molding process. Also, the humidity level and temperature can influence the dimensional tolerance of the different tools used in molding the plastic product.
It is essential to use the right tools for precision injection. That is the best approach to achieve the material consistency that your customers need. Furthermore, these tools can be easily maintained, so you do not need to worry about replacements until a few years after consistent use. That is to say, it is worth your investment. Moreover, you need to achieve the best precision injection results to impress and keep your customers.

Products made through precision injection

We observed that there is a high demand for products made by precision injection in many industries. It stands out as the best manufacturing process for simple products and complex items made of plastic. Therefore, we have found an explanation for the high demand in the plastics molding sector.
Generally, the process is simple. All you need to do is contact a company that has precision injection machines in their factory. Then, discuss your needs, ask for samples and seal the deal. There is a high chance that the company has already produced the type of products you want or something similar.
Here are the common products customers order from companies that make products using precision injection;

Medical tools

products made by injection moulding

We were not surprised to find out that healthcare-related services needed precision injection products. The healthcare sector has a high demand for single-use items such as sanitary products and other sterile items.
The main products made with precision injection methods include syringes of different volumes, plastic casings for storing drugs, a wide range of tools used in various medical operations to treat patients, and plastic handles for different containers and tools.

Functional parts in cars

Indeed, you must have noticed that many features are made of plastic in the interior part of your car. Since the precision injection is an excellent method used to make different shapes and sizes, it is ideal for the automotive industry. The machines make knobs for different control features in cars, outer panels that provide a neat finishing, and the covers for window or gas tank buttons. Also, the machines can be used to make holders found at the back seat or in between the front seats in cars. The air condition vents are also made from these plastics.


products made by injection moulding

The versatility of precision injection makes it ideal for producing different types of plastic toys. The most common toys produced this way include building blocks, dolls, toy guns, darts, and so much more.
The toy industry is predominantly filled with toys made of plastic. These are durable toys that last for years and are safe for young children.

Plastic caps for bottles or cups

There is a big demand for products made by injection moulding in the bottling industry. These containers for beauty and self-care products must be securely covered. Also, companies that make bottles containing refreshing drinks need caps made through precision injection.
Thankfully, the process is versatile. It involves forming the thread that ensures the caps hold firmly over the orifice. This means different colors and sizes of caps can be made for bottles or other shapes of containers.

Kitchenware production

products made by injection moulding

In fact, the majority of the utensils found in the kitchen feature one plastic part. For instance, many kitchen utensils have plastic handles. Others are made of plastic entirely. The quality plastic is strong, which means it is ideal for making cutlery and cups for drinking water.
Finally, the list above does not cover all the products that can be made using precision injection, there is a lot more. It is a growing industry that leaves so much to be discovered. We encourage you to examine your business and find out how to infuse these plastic products to reduce costs and increase your business’s value.

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