How You Can Avoid Issues During PEEK Injection Molding

To begin with, we should explain what PEEK means. It is an abbreviation that stands for polyether ether ketone. PEEK has become very popular in the plastic manufacturing industry because there is a high demand for it. We investigated the market conditions and discovered the reasons why many manufacturers of plastics are getting more orders for Peek plastics.
Also, we have found the top strategies used by manufacturers to achieve the best results during PEEK plastic injection molding. It is a complex manufacturing process that involves different stages. Therefore, the manufacturers in the plastics sector need to focus on identifying the best ways to avoid common problems.
The tips we have written in this post are tested and trusted. However, we know that the injection molded PEEK can have different features. Therefore, it is best to closely study your process’s characteristics and the related issues to know which solution is best.

Why is injection molded PEEK in high demand?

injection molded peek

We have gone through all the possible reasons why so many people want to buy these products. So far, one reason stands out from the rest. We found out that PEEK is an essential plastic used in a very crucial sector in so many countries. Find out more about this below;
PEEK is excellent for use in hospitals and laboratories
The experts who work in these places often discuss how to use high-quality plastics to complete different tasks. PEEK plastics are notably high grade; therefore, they are suitable for use in situations that require sterilization. The plastics are sterile and safe for use in medical labs or hospitals.

Resistance to gamma radiation

PEEK plastics have also been discovered to be extensively tolerant of gamma radiation. That is why these products are sought after for use in labs where research involving intense gamma radiation happens. In these labs, PEEK plastics can be seen all around the environment. These products contribute to the general safety and awareness level in such places.


We know that PEEK plastics are versatile. These materials can be formed and modified in different ways to meet the manufacturer’s needs. A highly versatile material makes these plastic products a good option for industries where many types of plastic or related products are manufactured.

How To Mold PEEK Polymer

The process involves an injection machine. It is similar to molding other products, which also involves using a mold. As always, the condition of your mold can significantly influence the plastic formation and general outcomes. Basically, you will need to have an extensive idea of using the injection molding machine before creating PEEK polymer.
There are training courses for that purpose. However, you should not stop learning, observing, and practicing while you mold PEEK polymer. The injection molding machine that is needed for this task is available online. All you need to do is find a reliable supplier to order from. They will send your machine with all its accessories.
As a first-time molder, you want to ensure you use the best molding machines to have a smooth peek injection molding process.

Standard injection molding machines

Ensure you get your peek molding machines from reputable machine suppliers. The standard processing temperature on your injection molding barrel should be the range of 350°C-400°C (662°F-752°F). Barrel blankets can also provide extra heat insulation with fewer energy costs. Copper and copper alloy should be avoided and ensure all metallic components should be well polished and smooth to avoid hang-ups.

The importance of drying your peek polymer

Peek polymer is usually supplied dry but may absorb moisture from the environment. You can dry the pellets on trays in circulating ovens for a maximum of 3 hours at 150°C-160°C degrees. This can effectively reduce the residual moisture content.
Avoiding common issues during PEEK injection molding
As earlier stated, we found solutions to help you avoid the common issues you may encounter during PEEK injection molding. These tips will help you achieve the following goals;

Save money

You can avoid experiencing losses and wastage of materials by following these tips. Therefore, you have the advantage of saving more money which can be used to grow your PEEK polymer production business.
Gain experience
In this industry, experience is valuable. You need the expertise to identify potential issues. Then you can make quick decisions to avoid those problems. Using the injection molding machine for PEEK products will allow you to observe more ways to enhance your output.

Grow your brand’s reputation

You will attract more customers to your brand when they know your PEEK polymer products are excellent. This way, you can leverage the high demand for these products to become a globally recognized brand in the plastics industry.
To get all these benefits, please consider the following tips to improve your injection molded PEEK;

Avoid contamination at all costs

You can do several things or implement different measures to prevent contamination in your factory. The key to avoiding contamination is to ensure that all the protocols to maintain a clean environment are implemented. This way, you can lower the chances of contaminants ruining your PEEK polymer during processes such as regrinding, injection molding, curing PEEK in the oven.
To maintain a clean process, introduce a system that supports regular training. This way, you can help your manufacturing team understand and remember the standard procedures during PEEK injection molding.

Maintain the recommended temperature

Another reason why many manufacturers experience different issues during PEEK injection molding is the inconsistent temperature. On average, the temperature of your mold should be between 170°C and 200°C degrees centigrade. Anything above this range can ruin your plastic manufacturing process.
We have a dedicated team with the skills to manufacture your PEEK parts. We will work with your existing tooling or develop a new tooling. You can visit our website for more information.

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