High Quality Pipe Fitting Mould

I believe everyone is familiar with plastic pipe fittings, which can be used as drainage pipes, water supply pipes, mine pipes, communication pipes, and have a very wide range of applications. As a supplier with more than 25 years of experience in pipe fitting mold manufacturing, Moldie provides various types of plastic pipe fitting molds, from straight-through, tee, elbow, plug to joint, we can manufacture corresponding high-quality molds.

Moldie’s pipe molds are divided into the following types:

Core-pulling pipe mould

Threaded Rotary Pipe Stripping Mould

Radial core-pulling pipe mould

Hydraulic Slider Pipe Mould

According to the function and material of different material pipe fittings, it can be divided into the following types:

1. PVC pipe fitting mould (used for high pressure and low pressure, namely water supply and drainage)

1. CPVC pipe mould is used in high pressure area

2. UPVC pipe mould is used for drainage

3. PVC flared pipe mould (core-pulling system is used for water supply)

4. Wire and pipe moulds, various PVC pipe fittings inlaid in the wall.

2. PPR pipe fitting mould (used for indoor water supply system, cold water and hot water)


3. PP pipe fitting mould

1. PP or PPH flaring pipe fitting mould with core pulling system

2. PP drainage pipe fitting mould

3. PPH bathroom mold for bathroom.


4. In addition, special pipe fitting molds made of ABS, PA+GF, and PPSU materials


Letting customers enjoy high-quality molds has always been Moldie’s original intention. The pipe molds are of higher requirements for appearance, and the surface of the product requires high brightness, so the selection of mold materials is very important. We always refuse to use chrome-plated steel, 3Cr.13 or other low-quality steel materials. The mold core and cavity are usually DIN1.2316 or Stavax S420. For PP pipe molds or PPR pipe molds, we usually recommend customers to use domestic HRC 32-35 718H mold steel, which has excellent polishing performance.


Moldie not only provides reliable mold quality, but also has strong design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities to ensure fast and timely delivery. If you want to customize pipe fitting molds, you can also tell us your ideas. Our team will be in a very short time. Provide you with solutions within.

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