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What is Traditional Machining Process and CNC Machining Process

Traditional machining process

Traditional processing technology is a processing technology that people produce based on experience in the process of continuous research.

For traditional processing technology, most of the materials used are derived from natural resources in real life, integrating measurement and processing steps, and finally forming traditional machining technology.

In mechanical manufacturing, traditional machining processes are mostly used, but this process requires high professional quality of operators, which leads to certain uncertainty in traditional machining processes.

CNC machining process

Numerical control processing technology is based on traditional machining technology, using machine tools for processing.

For CNC machining, the work content is more complicated, and the technology involved includes not only traditional crafts, but also computer technology.

By programming it and adopting the corresponding control program, the accuracy and quality of the parts can be better guaranteed. Compared with the traditional machining process, more complex process parts can be produced.

When using CNC for processing, you need to understand every process link, such as cutting tools, fixtures, etc. Through the description of the details of the parts, the overall quality of the product is controlled to meet the needs of people.


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