Is Polystyrene Injection Molding a Good Idea?

The short answer to the question above is yes. Polystyrene is one of the polymers that turns into its fluid state when it is heated. It is possible to channel the molten polystyrene into a suitable mold to form the plastic products at a standard temperature. While it is excellent for injection molding, there are some things to note about the process.
This post is focused on polystyrene injection molding, its features, and how the best results can be obtained during and after the injection molding process.

What is Polystyrene?

To give a brief definition, polystyrene is the product obtained from polymerizing styrene. It is a common product used to manufacture many plastics found in the hospitality and food packaging industry.
The demand for polystyrene in these industries is attributed to its features. We have identified some of these essential features that make polystyrene suitable for food packaging. They are as follows;

Polystyrene is hard

It is not your regular plastics that are difficult to keep in shape. The hard frame of polystyrene makes it an excellent option for packaging different types of products.

Polystyrene is transparent

The final plastic products made through injection molding polystyrene are transparent. These products have an attractive aesthetic appeal which is also great for the market. That is why polystyrene is a good choice for making fancy plastic cutleries for different food delivery services.

The material is sterile

Also, there is no chance of contamination with polystyrene if all other conditions are kept normal. The material is sterile, which is great for making different products in the medical industry.

Low thermal conductivity

Polystyrene has low thermal conductivity. This is why it is an essential polymer that can be used to package foods. We know that people who order meals from food delivery services need their food hot.
Because polystyrene has a low thermal conductivity, it is the best product to keep contained food warm until the package is delivered.

Products made from polystyrene

Polystyrene injection moulding is the first step to making a whole range of products. These are products that we use every day and probably dispose of after a while. That is why it is essential to use environmentally friendly materials.
Here are some of the main products that manufacturers design using polystyrene;
The rigid feature of this polymer makes it an excellent choice for making food trays, spoons, cups, plates, knives, etc. Polystyrene is also used to make different sizes of bowls.
We know there are still so many studies ongoing to discover more ways to use polystyrene. Therefore, we have kept our fingers crossed because it is certain this polymer can be used to make so many other products.
Regarding this post, polystyrene is so effective for making products through injection moulding polystyrene. In its fluid form, it enters even the tiniest crevices to give the plastics products vivid details.

Reasons why polystyrene is excellent for injection molding

injection molded polystyrene/injection moulding polystyrene/injection molding polystyrene

Polystyrene ranks among the top six polymers used in many industries to produce plastic products on a global scale. The high demand for polystyrene is all about its features which we have discussed below;
Consistent fluid state
In its molten form, polystyrene is consistent. This is one of the reasons why it is a favorite choice for producing different plastic products. If you want to make these products for bulk orders, then go for polystyrene. You can be sure that your products and the final outcome will all have the same best features for market sales.
Engineers have rated polystyrene highly when designing and making plastic products with the best structural details. This is attributed to the consistency of the material after it has been melted. However, we always advise manufacturers to monitor their heating systems regularly. This will ensure the polystyrene is melted within the acceptable temperature range that is best for making plastics.
Low energy consumption for melting
We also observed that in factories, they can avoid excessive energy consumption when working with polystyrene. This is so because the material melts at a temperature that does not require too much energy.
Also, polystyrene has an amazingly viscous property. This is why it is best for mass-producing smaller plastic products that must have similar structural details. The viscous molten polystyrene flows easily into the injection mold, where it is shaped to get the desired outcome. We evaluated the melt flow index for polystyrene.
It is very impressive. That is why many engineers claim it is among the easiest polymers to work with in the plastic industry.
It is less dense than other polymers
Compared to PE, we know that polystyrene has a significantly lower density. This is an excellent property that enhances its suitability for making different plastic products. Injection molded polystyrene weighs very little, which is why it is also preferred for food packaging. The food businesses can send out orders in bulk without worrying about the weight or impact on the courier service vehicles.
Low shrinkage rate
Many polymers shrink during injection molding. Shrinking can cause severe distortion in the product’s shape and physical features. It is best to evaluate the plastic material’s capacity to hold its form before and after injection molding. With polystyrene, there is a low chance of shrinkage.
The final product will have sufficient plastic surface space to paste posters and logo designs depending on the business. Therefore, using a polystyrene injection moulding product also promotes your ability to create more awareness about the brand.
Overall, we know that polystyrene has many of the desirable mechanical properties needed to perform adequate injection molding at any time. The conditions for this process are basic, which means all you need is a suitable injection molding machine to complete the process.
Finally, regardless of the evident features, you should do preliminary tests to ensure that the polystyrene material you have is best for the injection molding machine you want to use to produce the plastics.
Also, it is crucial to choose the right injection molding company. We are open to answering your inquiries and taking your orders. Contact us now.


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