Advantages that make plastic injection molding popular

As a traditional manufacturing process with lots of advantages, plastic injection molding is one of the popular processes for many industries.

1.Fast Production. For the high-volume production of the same plastic product in a short time, plastic injection molding is an ideal choice. One cavity, two cavities or multiple cavities, production efficiency is available for different needs.

2.Enhanced Strength. By adding specialized fillers into the thermoplastic material, the density of the thermoplastic can be reduced during molding, thus increase the part strength after molding.

3.Flexibility Multiple color choices, a large selection of thermoplastic resins, multiple finish appearances, plastic injection molding gives various possibilities.

4.Consistency. For high-volume production of a single product, consistency is critical. Plastic injection molding ensures the consistency of each part by using the same mold.

5.Reduced Waste The thermoplastic for plastic injection molding is granular or pelleted. During production only required amounts of plastic resins are used, and very little scrapped plastic is produced. Any scrapped plastic comes from the production can be recycled and reused.

6.Low Labor Cost Plastic injection molding is a high-automated manufacturing process with high participation of machines and robots. This helps to reduce the labor cost.


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