Zabawka do formowania wtryskowego HDPE dla zwierząt domowych

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Molding HDPE

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) molding involves the manufacturing of parts by injection molding. HDPE plastic is commonly used because it’s cost-effective and has tremendous impact and chemical resistance.

At Moldie, we pride ourselves as experts in plastic and HDPE injection molding, using high-quality tools and raw materials. We guarantee you excellent customer service and a great experience working with us.

We are also ISO-certified and have extensive resources to quickly deliver any bulk orders you may have while maintaining high standards.

Whats HDPE

HDPE is a resin that’s commonly found in pellet form and is used in injection molding. It’s designed to have great durability, withstand high impact, and have a high resistance to cracking

Whats HDPE

The thermoplastic polymer is produced from ethylene polymerization and used for everyday household products like food storage containers and industrial uses.

Products manufactured from HDPE are commonly recycled, and you can identify them with the number “2” printed on them.


HDPE plastic is FDA-graded, and it can be used for medical, food, and toy applications.

HDPE plastic

HDPE properties

HDPE plastic is used for plastic injection molding because of the following properties it has:

  • Good low-temperature impact resistance
  • Great chemical resistance
  • It’s lightweight with low specific gravity
  • Tough
  • Versatile
  • It has FDA-approved grades available for medical use.
  • Elastyczność

HDPE plastic is a versatile thermoplastic polymer with various performance and cost benefits, as shown above. The qualities also make it a perfect choice for industrial and consumer products.

HDPE properties

Moldie injection molding has long-term relations with top HDPE industry suppliers; hence we have economic and fast access to large HDPE amounts.

With such access and our large storage silos, we get economies of scale that we pass on to you, and our products become budget-friendly.

HDPE injection molding

HDPE plastic is very flexible; hence it can be molded in the production of parts with varying sizes and shapes. However, we have to melt it into a moldable state first.

The HDPE plastic is put inside an HDPE injection molding machine, and once it reaches an ideal temperature, its put into the mold cavity.

Once it’s transferred, it begins to harden immediately and cool into the shape of the mold. Once it’s fully set, the part is ejected, and the mold rests on making another part.

The following are the benefits of using injection molding in the production of HDPE parts:

  • It’s cheaper because the repeatedness and automation of injection molding increase productivity and reduce labor costs
  • You have greater customization control by creating your HDPE mold into your project specifications

HDPE injection molding

  • High-volume production at a rapid pace
  • It’s more efficient than the traditional molding process

HDPE injection molding1

Although the initial cost of injection molding is high, the unit cost decreases as more parts are produced over time.

Common HDPE products

HDPE plastic is quite a popular product in manufacturing a wide array of products. The following are some of the popular uses:

Common HDPE products

Consumer products

HDPE plastic is used in the manufacture of the following :

  • Food storage containers
  • Milk crates
  • Zabawki
  • Sporting products
  • Nets packaging materials
  • recycling bins
  • Plastic chairs and tables
  • Industrial fabric

Industrial application

HDPE serves the industries that use the following products:

  • Containers to transport chemicals
  • Totes
  • Industrial parts and pails
  • Molded crates
  • Cases
  • Construction products
  • Drain Pipes

With Moldies’ high-density polyethylene injection molding, you can produce all the above products. We offer you excellent molds you can use in producing HDPE molded parts.

Furthermore, all our products reflect a quality and standard you can trust. We are committed to leveraging our vast resources to offer you the best injection molds customized to meet your demands.

Industrial application

Benefits of HDPE plastic

HDPE plastic is not only used because of its distinct qualities but also because of the following benefits:

  • It can withstand environmental stresses like high or low temperatures
  • Due to its high physical impact resistance level, it’s durable
  • It has a linear structure and optimal strength
  • It’s very malleable, and you can use it to make various sizes and shapes
  • HDPE plastic is highly recyclable, and you don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint
  • It’s FDA approved
  • It’s hygienic
  • Cost-effective

HDPE is evidently very beneficial. Try it today.

Podstawa formy

LKM, HASCO, DME lub twoje wymagania

Materiał formy

45#, P20, H13, 718, 1.2344, 1.2738 i tak dalej



Materiał produktu

PC/ABS, ABS, PC, PVC, PA66, POM lub inne jakie chcesz


Zimny /gorący biegacz

Typ bramy

Brama boczna, brama podrzędna, bramka punktowa, bramka krawędziowa itp

Masa formy

50 kg-15 ton

Typ wtryskarki

80-1500 ton

Norma dotycząca wyglądu produktu dla usłojenia

Seria MT (Technologia formowania), YS, HN

Droga kontrastu kolorów dla plastiku



Certyfikat ISO 9001:2015, Certyfikat SGS

Minimalne zamówienie

1 zestaw

Czas realizacji formy

Próbka T1, około 3-10 tygodni, zgodnie z wymaganiami dotyczącymi formy

Czas realizacji produkcji

2-5 tygodni, zgodnie z zamówieniem Ilość

Termin płatności formy

Depozyt 50% T/T z PO, saldo 50% T/T po zatwierdzeniu próbki

Termin płatności produktów

Depozyt 30% T/T z PO, saldo 70% T/T przed wysyłką

Port załadunku

Port Ningbo lub Szanghaj, może być również portem Shenzhen

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