Niestandardowa usługa formowania wtryskowego tworzyw sztucznych Chiny

Step up your production with Moldie’s custom plastic injection molding service China, promising excellence in mold bases and ISO-backed reliability.

Model: MLD-17-MD047 Kategorie:

The array of mold materials showcases options like the versatile 45# and the robust 1.2738, while our adherence to recognized standards, including DME and MISUMI, underscores our commitment to excellence.

From PC/ABS to the robust PA66, you can choose the product material that fits your vision. The adaptive cold/hot runner systems align with varied gate configurations like Side and Pinpoint gates.

Molds with a weight spectrum of 50kg to 15 tons mesh perfectly with injection machines, accommodating from 80 to 1500 tons.

Each product shines in appearance, thanks to RAL PANTONE’s color precision and MT(Mold Tech) graining standards.

Plus, it is backed by ISO 9001:2015 and SGS certifications. Thus, contact us today and choose our injection molding service China.

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