Kleinserien-CNC-Bearbeitung von OEM-Türklingelteilen

Step into the realm of precision with these small batch CNC machining door bell parts, crafted from top-tier materials, meeting ISO 9001:2015 assurance.

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We have meticulously chosen materials, focusing on resilient Aluminum varieties such as the 6061-T6 and 7075 for their sturdiness and adaptability.

Complementing this resilience is the sheer toughness of our steel selections, particularly the 4140 and 1045, ensuring the door bell parts last and resist wear and tear.

But our dedication doesn’t stop at durability. We integrate the timeless charm of brass, bronze, and premium stainless steel variants.

The unique approach harnesses stamping precision, combined with the finesse of punching and tinn-plated processes.

A meticulous surface treatment includes polishing, anodizing, and lavish plating options from chrome to gold, ensuring each door bell part stands out with unmatched brilliance.

Additionally, they are backed by the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Thus, contact us today and order them.


MOQ 100St
Vorlaufzeit 2 wochen für proben, 3-4 wochen für massenproduktion
Zahlungsfrist für Produkte 30% T/T Anzahlung bei Bestellung, Saldo 70% T/T vor Versand
Verladehafen Hafen von Ningbo oder Shanghai


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