Druckgussteile aus Aluminiumlegierung

Achieve precision and durability with these Aluminum alloy die casting parts, featuring tailored inserts, global standards, and impeccable finishes.

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Constructed on a sturdy LKM C50 + P20 base, suitable for AB and cast iron, each part promises durability and longevity in rigorous applications.

The inserts, featuring materials such as Dievar, H13, 8407, and 1.2344, can be tailored to your material needs.

With adherence to leading industry standards, including HASCO, DME, MISUMI, and PUNCH, we ensure the delivery meets the pinnacle of quality.

The Aluminum alloy die casting parts employ the finest materials like ADC12, ADC14, A360, A380, and AlSi9Cu3 and are subject to stringent heat treatment for a hardness level of overHRC45.

Aesthetic considerations like sandblasting, powder coating, painting, and anodizing guarantee a flawless finish.

Your unique requirements in shape and color are our command. Additionally, the advanced high-pressure die-casting process combined with ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our commitment to excellence.

To sum up, contact us today and invest in our Aluminum alloy die casting parts.


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