Mold din aluminiu turnat sub presiune

Experience precision with Moldie’s die casting Aluminium mold, which is durable, customizable, and engineered to the highest standards.

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Made with elite materials such as Dievar, H13, and 8407, our mold ensures lasting reliability tailored to your needs.

Adhering to international standards like HASCO, DME, and PUNCH, it promises a fusion of durability and adaptability.

Besides, built for high-pressure die casting, it boasts a heat treatment surpassing HRC45, guaranteeing resilience even under intense conditions.

This die casting Aluminium mold’s surface finishes, from sandblasting to powder coating, exude professionalism, ensuring every product you produce mirrors this excellence.

Customizable in shape and color and certified with ISO 9001:2015, it aligns with your branding vision. Overall, contact us today and invest in it.

Informații comerciale:

MOQ 1 set
Timp de livrare a mucegaiului Eșantion T1, aproximativ 3-10 săptămâni, conform cerințelor de matriță
Timp de productie 2-5 saptamani, conform comenzii Cant
Termenul de plată a mucegaiului 50% T/T depozit la PO, soldul 50% T/T după aprobarea probei
Termenul de plata produselor Depozit 30% T/T cu PO, sold 70% T/T înainte de expediere
Portul de încărcare Portul Ningbo sau Shanghai


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