2023 Parti di iniezione plastica di nuovo design

Discover Moldie’s 2023 new design plastic injection parts, blending innovation with elite materials and standards, boasting certified brilliance.

Crafted on versatile mold bases such as LKM, HASCO, and DME, the plastic injection parts offer adaptability to individual requirements.

Elite mold materials, highlighting the durability of P20, H13, and the trusted 1.2344, enhance their robustness. In adherence to revered standards, including HASCO, DME, and MISUMI, they demonstrate quality assurance.

And the varied palette of product materials, encompassing PC/ABS, PVC, and the versatile PA66, grants them unmatched versatility.

Our plastic injection parts are equipped to integrate the cold/hot runner system and an assortment of gate types from side to edge.

Ranging from lightweight 50kg molds to substantial 15-ton ones, they’re catered to by injection machines extending up to 1500 tons.

Aesthetically, their grainy finish conforms to the esteemed MT, YS, and HN series standards. For impeccable color fidelity, the RAL PANTONE system ensures true-to-life contrasts.

In addition, each part carries the assurance of ISO 9001:2015 and SGS certifications, reflecting the commitment to quality. To sum up, contact us today and invest in them.

Informazioni commerciali:

MOQ 1 set
Termine d'esecuzione della muffa Campione T1, circa 3-10 settimane, in base al requisito dello stampo
Tempo di consegna della produzione 2-5 settimane, secondo l'ordine Qtà
Termine di pagamento della muffa 50% T/T deposito con PO, saldo 50% T/T dopo l'approvazione del campione
Termine di pagamento dei prodotti Deposito 30% T/T con PO, saldo 70% T/T prima della spedizione
Porto di carico Il porto di Ningbo o Shanghai, può anche essere il porto di Shenzhen

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