Vysoko kvalitné vlastné diely vstrekovacích foriem z ABS plastu

Delve into the realm of our high-quality custom ABS plastic injection mold parts, fusing adaptability, enduring materials, and color vibrancy.

Model: MLD-13-P064 Kategórie:

Meticulously structured on mold bases like LKM, HASCO, and DME, these ABS plastic injection mold parts can be customized to specific needs.

Durability is at the forefront with mold materials such as 45#, P20, and the outstanding 1.2738.

Consistently aligning with industry standards, like HASCO, DME, and MISUMI, every piece stands out. And the versatility of materials extends from PC/ABS to PA66, ensuring choices are aplenty.

A refined cold/hot runner system, complemented by various gate types like side and pinpoint, ensures immaculate molding. Whether working with a 50kg mold or a colossal 15-ton one, injection machines with up to 1500 tons handle them precisely.

Visually, the grainy texture, adhering to standards like MT and YS, adds depth and allure. Vibrancy in color is a given, thanks to the RAL PANTONE system.

Additionally, the badges of ISO 9001:2015 and SGS certifications vouch for unmatched excellence. So, contact us today and add our ABS plastic injection mold parts to your inventory.

Obchodné informácie:

MOQ 1 sada
Doba prípravy formy Vzorka T1, asi 3-10 týždňov, podľa požiadavky na formu
Dodacia lehota výroby 2-5 týždňov, podľa objednávky Množ
Platobná lehota formy 50% T/T vklad s PO, zostatok 50% T/T po schválení vzorky
Platobná lehota produktov 30% T/T vklad s PO, zostatok 70% T/T pred odoslaním
Prístav nakládky Prístav Ningbo alebo Šanghaj, môže to byť aj prístav Shenzhen


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