Automobilové diely odlievané pod tlakom

Elevate automotive standards with Moldie’s Aluminum die casting automotive parts, featuring ISO 9001:2015 certified precision, top-tier materials, and customizable designs.

Model: MLD-15-AD013 Kategórie:

The precision-engineered Aluminum die casting automotive parts stem from a solid foundation, using the impeccable LKM C50 + P20 for AB and the robustness of Cast iron.

Seamlessly incorporated with premium inserts such as Dievar, H13, and 8407, they are flexible to adapt to any material you prefer.

In a precision-dominated industry, they adhere to revered standards, including HASCO, DME, and MISUMI. Besides, they are certified with ISO 9001:2015.

Composed from elite materials like ADC12 and A380, every component of our die casting automotive parts echoes quality and performance. They undergo a stringent heat treatment that exceeds HRC45, guaranteeing enduring resilience.

Further enhancing the allure, each part boasts finishes ranging from powder coating to anodizing, customizable in shape and hue. In short, contact us today and order them.

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