Изготовленные на заказ пластиковые литые компоненты

Discover the world of custom plastic moulded components, a realm where tailored specifications harmonize with industry-grade standards.

Our plastic moulded components owe their sturdiness to mold materials such as the resilient P20, H13, and the distinctive 1.2738.

Building on trusted foundations, mold bases like LKM, HASCO, and DME form their core, but customization remains at the heart of the process.

Aligning with benchmarks set by HASCO, DME, and MISUMI, they exude premium quality. Besides, a plethora of material options, from the adaptable PC/ABS to the rugged PA66, ensures every bespoke need finds its match.

The meticulous cold/hot runner system combined with diverse gate options, from side to pinpoint, guarantees these components’ impeccable molding.

Be it a 50kg mold or a robust 15-ton one, they’re adeptly handled by injection machines of up to 1500 ton capacity.

In addition, backed by the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, excellence is a promise and a steadfast commitment. In summary, contact us today and order the custom plastic moulded components.


Торговая информация:

Минимальный заказ 1 комплект
Время выполнения пресс-формы Образец T1, около 3-10 недель, в зависимости от требований пресс-формы
Время выполнения продукции 2-5 недель, в зависимости от заказа Кол-во
Срок оплаты пресс-формы 50% T/T депозит с PO, баланс 50% T/T после утверждения образца
Срок оплаты продуктов 30% T/T депозит с PO, баланс 70% T/T перед отправкой
Порт погрузки Порт Нинбо или Шанхай, также может быть порт Шэньчжэнь

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