Сравнение технологии 3D-печати и изготовления пресс-форм

На данном этапе в процессе производства промышленных изделий изготовление пресс-форм в основном используется в качестве технической основы, а основные требования промышленного производства удовлетворяются путем всестороннего изучения преимуществ технологии изготовления пресс-форм.

However, from the actual situation, the cost of mold manufacturing technology is relatively high, and there is a certain degree of difficulty in operation. With the rise of personalized consumption methods, different consumers will have more diverse use requirements for industrial products.

As a result, the mold manufacturing technology needs to spend a lot of time on mold design and manufacturing, and the accuracy of mold manufacturing and the controllability of costs are becoming more and more difficult to effectively control.

Therefore, mold manufacturing technology is increasingly difficult to meet the objective needs of industrial design and processing activities in the market economy environment.
At the same time, the risk control of mold manufacturing technology is poor. Once the production quantity cannot be guaranteed, it will greatly increase the business risks faced by the enterprise and bear greater economic losses.

The realization of 3D printing technology in industrial design, with its own technical advantages, can optimize the design process, thereby shortening the design cycle and reducing the cost risk faced in the industrial design process, which is critical for the entire industrial design activity Impact.

3D printing technology can carry out small-scale production and market launch of industrial products. Through the collection of market responses, corresponding adjustments to design activities can be made to finally build a modern industrial design method.

With the help of 3D printing technology, the flexibility of industrial design work is improved, which can fully meet the basic requirements of industrial production in the market economy environment, and create extremely favorable conditions for the healthy and rapid development of processing and manufacturing enterprises.
At the same time, the adjustment of 3D printing technology to mold manufacturing technology has enhanced the adaptability of mold manufacturing technology and created conditions for the development of subsequent work.

3D printing technology reduces the difficulty of industrial design, enabling designers to adjust design details according to the individual needs of users in a short time, complete a series of design work, effectively control the cost of design work, and reduce unnecessary Cost expenditure.
At the same time, due to the addition of more modern technologies, the elements of industrial design have been greatly enriched, the modernization of industrial design in my country has been realized, and the necessary reference for the development of follow-up work has been provided. Taking 3D printing technology as an opportunity, the operation mode of design enterprises has developed and changed. Effectively adapting to the objective requirements of a modern society for the production mode of enterprises has a profound impact on enterprises.


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