Услуги по 4-осевой обработке с ЧПУ в Китае

Discover China’s premier 4 Axis CNC machining services, marrying elite materials with intricate surface finishes, all under the assurance of ISO 9001:2015.

Harnessing the superior capabilities of CNC precision 4 axis machining, we turn complex designs into tangible masterpieces.

The materials we utilize represent a symphony of strength and elegance, from Aluminum alloys like 6063 and 7075, the enduring charm of stainless steel grades such as 304 and 316, to the rich legacy of brass, bronze, and other select steel types.

But our commitment to perfection transcends machining. Each creation is bestowed with a refined surface operation, encompassing polishing, sandblasting, and a spectrum of plating options, making every product a statement.

In addition, seal the deal with the trust of our ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring every project meets the global quality benchmark.

Therefore, contact us today and invest in these 4 Axis CNC machining services.

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