Injection Molding Process of PC Plastic

As we all know, PC is commonly known as polycarbonate and has very good mechanical properties, so it is commonly known as bulletproof glue. PC has the characteristics of high

Overview of Plastic Injection Molding

Overview of Plastic Injection Molding

With development of more than 100 years, plastic injection molding has become one of the most popular manufacturing processes to produce plastic parts. From high precision components to disposable goods,

3d printing

The advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing technology

3D printing technology will lead the development of mass manufacturing mode to personalized manufacturing mode. Its outstanding advantages are to save manufacturing costs, improve production efficiency, and realize integrated manufacturing

Automated design of injection mold

Automated Design of Injection Mold

1. Evaluation and quotation of injection mold products Evaluation and quotation are a comprehensive calculation of the production cost of injection mold products. Only by doing the evaluation and quotation

Construction of a Standardized System for Injection Molds

Construction of a Standardized System for Injection Molds

The standardized construction of injection molds can promote the improvement of enterprise product quality, production efficiency and production management. The standardization of injection molds mainly includes the standardization of injection

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