2k Injection Molding

2k Injection Molding

What is 2k Injection Molding? This innovative manufacturing process can efficiently produce a complicated molded part from two different materials or colors. It is called 2k injection molding because the

how does plastic injection molding work

How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work

Injection molding is a widely used method for manufacturing plastics globally. The plastic injection molding industry is valued at about 260 million U.S dollars and is continuously growing. This injection

what is plastic injection molding

What is Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic requires different technicalities in its manufacturing process. Plastic injection molding is used to manufacture solid components. This process involves injecting molten plastic into a metal mold to produce plastic

2K Molds “from Marve Cinematic universe”

 Do you like Marve Cinematic universe? Please check our 2K molds “from Marve Cinematic Universe” and ask us inquiry! Come on! Moldie specializes in manufacturing and supplying of various

High Quality Pipe Fitting Mould

High Quality Pipe Fitting Mould

I believe everyone is familiar with plastic pipe fittings, which can be used as drainage pipes, water supply pipes, mine pipes, communication pipes, and have a very wide range of

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